Oasis Originals art and craft creations by Barbara
Romeo cat soft sculptured posable doll hand made by barbara at Oasis Originals
Princess Ginger Soft Sculptured doll by barbara at Oasis Originals

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Recycle and be kind to nature. Gifts, totes, coin purses and more, art and craft, hand made items by Barbara at Oasis Originals

Custom Design My Recycled Treasures

On this page you will find things I have recycled back into use. I love working with un wanted items either simply trash [ no raw waste of course ] or everyday discards heading for the dump.

My main purpose for posting these recycled treasures is to stir up your imagination and recycle what you feel is no longer needed. But, if you see something you like, contact me and I may be able to recreate it for you, or if you wish, work with your recycled treasures.

My companion animals were all un wanted rescues and by some wonder made their way to me, I recycled them into my lifes purpose and in turn they have taught me so much about living. Perhaps, while you are visiting the Internet maybe you can check out the local pet rescue groups and recycle some unwanted treasures into your life, It is well worth it.

Please recycle and help save the earth, she will be grateful.

Shipping & Handling is additional on all items.




Recycled fabrics shopping bags by Barbara at Oasis Originals dot net

Recycled Clothes Shopping Bags

I made this set of four shopping bags from eight pieces of clothing, and some fabric scraps. 2 ladies overall skirt/shorts, 4 men's shirts, and 2 ladies blouses. Made good use of the pockets also. Everything is doubled in fabric weigh so all the seams are fused to another piece of full fabric and stitched down ( I line each layer of all my bags for stiffness and durability ) and each bag is 1" smaller than the previous so they sit well inside one another.  Click image for larger view of one bag.

I would be more than willing to work with your recycled clothes however you would be responsible for shipping them to me and they must be clean. These must also be fabrics that can be safely ironed.

Front view of Recycled shopping back, reusable shopping bag, go green ! don't use plastic at the stores. Recycled shopping bags by Barbara at Oasis Originals

Blue Jeans Shopping Bag

Contact me for recycling YOUR old jeans into a re-usable shopping bag! Growing up in the 60's & 70's I have seen a lot of bags made from old blue jeans. Most of the styles I did not like, way to soft & flat. So I designed a much more sturdy, three dimensional bag made from one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts and extra " zebra " fabric for the lining. All my bags are made with several layers of fabrics used as stabilizers. They are hand wash only but this is to keep their form and they will last for years.   Click images showing front and back, for larger views.

Back view of Recycled shopping bag, reusable shopping bag, go green ! don't use plastic at the stores. Recycled shopping bags by Barbara at Oasis Originals
Blue Jeans Re-Cycled Shopping Bag, Front View
Blue Jeans Re-Cycled Shopping Bag, Back View
Recycle your clothing, sheets and other fabric items into shopping bags and totes! Recycled tote bags.

Recycled Fabric Shopping Bag

The large plaid shopping bag is made from a twin size flat bed sheet and the small knit multi color shopping bag is made from a pair of spandex exercise shorts with added knit scraps. Both are reinforced with denim bottoms. Come on folks, lets be creative and re-use..   Click images showing front and back, for larger views. Contact me

Recycle your clothing, sheets and other fabric items into shopping bags and totes! Recycled shopping tote bags at Oasis Originals in California.
Plaid Sheets Re-Cycled Shopping Bag
Spandex Shorts Re-Cycled Shopping Bag





Recycled plastic, fabrics and more go into these Coin Purses, Coin Holders made from re-cycled materials. As shown, Cat, Dog, Westie - West Highland Terrier, Flower, Cat, Sun - Zodiac, Terrier puppies coin holder, Butterfly coin purse.

Coin Purses, Coin Holders

Shown Left to right: Cat, Dog, Westie, Flower, Cat, Sun Zodiac, Terrier Dogs, Butterfly

Click image above for larger view! Here I have re-cycled a prescription vial, also known as prescription bottles, size 16 dram with push down & turn cap, recycling fragments of new fabrics that would be discarded otherwise, and some odds and ends, bottle caps, recycled jewelry, leather, buttons, and some miscellaneous sparkles and turned it into coin purses. Works great! I get a lot of positive comments when people see me taking out my coin purse. Contact Me to discuss what design you'd like me to create for your recycled coin purse!




My models show dog clothing made from recycled clothing. Custom recycled clothing with your materials by Barbara at OasisOriginals.net

Recycled: Pet Sweaters

I am always trying to use recycled things in my work. I have made new sweaters out of old sweatshirts that are over loved and stained. Add a few scraps of fabric and your best friend has a new coat. The larger dogs sweater is my favorite sweatshirt, that my husband is happy to see go, and the smaller pooch's new rags are recycled down from my larger dogs 2005 sweater. No complaints from the two of them either.

Special attention is paid to giving my clothing double layering, for dogs with allergies who itch themselves raw. The double fabric layers lend support to protect their skin, and add length to the life of the clothing article. Prices vary depending on your choice of styles, fabrics and additional decorations.


Contact me and let me know if you have a well cherished piece of clothing that would be perfect as a one of a kind cloak for your beast. I'll be happy to give you an estimate. I have no problem working with used clothing as long as they are machine washable and sent clean to me.
Click on images to see larger view
Dog clothing custom made to fit your pet, with your own recycled clothing. This preview: Double layered recycled sweat shirt with T-shirt lining. Recycled  clothing made into pet clothes, sample photo: 2006 Recycled sweat shirt with added fleece ( front ). Ginger in a "recycled" sweater, sample shows: 2006 Recycled sweat shirt with added fleece ( back ). Pet clothing custom made with your recycled clothing. This preview shows: Recycled sweat shirt with added fleece. 11Gregrey is made from a recycled grey sweatshirt with added new ribbing. Dog Coats custom made per your request. This preview: Recycled flannel shirt with added fleece lining. Dog coats custom made for your pet. This sample: Recycled flannel shirt with added wool lining.



Cat Perch Cat Stand made from Recycled Fish Tank Wood Stand

Fish Tank Stand becomes Cat's Stand

Cat tank stand is a 35 gallon wooden fish tank stand that I removed the door from, added windows and a strong, removable top and covered it with carpet. I lined the bottom in cedar for flea and spider control and my kitty Romeo was able to enjoy it for many years, although he did miss the fish tank.


Recycled furniture, gun case becomes Curio Cabinet, Oasis Originals and All Wood Floors projects

Gun Case becomes Curio "Curious" Cabinet

The solid hardwood gun case was found at a garage sale in major need of a refinish. I used the part that holds the guns as a crown on the top, added shelves, a new face, and now it is my curious cabinet and is put to better use. Click Image for Larger View

My other wood working can been seen at "Wood Projects" Link at www.allwoodfloors.net



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